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Latest News – Feb 2023

Welcome to the February 2023 edition of, 'In the Ghetto'. It has been a while! Check out what we've been up to.
Consultancy Services
The Google Whisperer

Since our last update in September 2021, the primary focus has been to continue building our own web assets, namely the Poland Travel Agency, The Mallorca Insider and Dentists in Poland – but we’ve also managed to develop a few new client sites and we have continued to provide monthly services to our existing clients.

The three platforms mentioned above have grown significantly over the past 12 months in terms of size and visitors and our in-house SEO campaigns have been hugely successful.

Today (Feb 2023), Dentists in Poland is easily the most recognised and widely used website for English speaking patients interested in coming to Poland for dental treatment.

The website has the following results on Google:

Dentists in Poland – 2 & 3

Dentists in Warsaw – 1

Dentists in Krakow – 2

Dentists in Gdansk – 1

Dental clinics in Poland – 1

Dental clinics in Warsaw – 1

Dental clinics in Krakow – 1

Dental clinics in Gdansk – 1

Dental tourism Poland – 2

Dental tourism Warsaw – 2

Dental tourism Krakow – 5

Dental tourism Gdansk – 3

Dental implants Poland – 4

& many, many more excellent results.

Similar results have been achieved for the Poland and Mallorca sites and we are very proud to boast that the Poland site is currently number 2 on Google for a search of Poland Tourist Information (beating the official sites) and the Mallorca platform is number 4 on Google for a search of Majorca Tourist Information.

Still some room for improvement – but getting there!

Football Hooligans & a comedian

We’ve been involved in a couple of fun & enjoyable projects, namely Alex Webber Life and Ricky Cool. Check the sites out to see what they are all about, you won’t be disappointed with the Alex Webber site if you enjoy football – some of the images he has captured are incredible.

We have a couple of new client projects in development and we continue to provide monthly maintenance to others – see below:

What's your story?

Alex Webber Life
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